January 13, 2020

A bird in Brasilia is singing:

"Tudo bem, tudo bem, tudo bem, tudo bem..."

This is how it sounds. Makes me happy for a moment.

I'm not sure where all my happiness has gone just when I'm supposed to be on the top of my game: be the smartest, most accomplished, respected pro, or at least for the outer world. At least for my husband, really, at least for him.

One of my former editors at Reuters who taught me video editing used to say:

"It doesn't matter what you do. What matters is how others perceive you."

Who you seem to be is more important than who you are. He had said that before social media and the follower numbers took over our lives. There is nothing new under the sun. Throughout history it has always been about perception. This is why we write posts and comments instead of books.

"Tudobem, tudobem, tudobem..."